“Unresolved”: US Government Releases Fresh Batch Of UFO Footage To The Public

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The US Government has released a fresh batch of footage taken of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) around the world, as well as explanations that turn a few right back into FOs.

Releasing the footage, the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) stated that they had found no evidence that any investigation into UFOs – aka unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs) – had “confirmed that any sighting of a UAP represented extraterrestrial technology.”

“All investigative efforts, at all levels of classification, concluded that most sightings were ordinary objects and phenomena and the result of misidentification.”

Amongst the released footage, however, were videos of phenomena that AARO is unable to fully explain.  


One of these instances included footage shot by US Navy crew on board F/A-18 jets. In another incident in the Middle East, they were able to rule out that the unknown object was exhibiting “anomalous behavior”, but were unable to identify it beyond that. 

Of course, a few turned out to be quite explainable, after looking at commercial flight data. 

“An MQ-9 forward-looking infrared video sensor captured this footage in South Asia as it was recording another MQ-9,” AARO wrote of one UFOs on their website, alongside other cases they were able to explain. 

“After analysis of the full motion video, inclusion of additional footage with a longer focal length, and analysis of commercial flight data in the region, AARO assesses that the object likely is a commercial aircraft and that the trailing cavitation is a sensor artifact resultant of video compression.”