Gen-Z and Millennials Want Original Content, Not Remakes, Study Finds

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The Big Picture

  • Viewers prefer original content over remakes and franchises, according to a new survery from Tubi.
  • Nostalgia prompts binge-watching of favorite series like
    The Office.
  • Viewers seek diverse content libraries but are becoming more selective with the rise of streaming platforms.

What do you like to watch? The answer to that question is extremely important for streaming platforms and studios, which are constantly on the lookout for the next title that will lure viewers in. With that in mind, Tubi conducted a survey among 2,503 adults in order to get a sense of what Millennials and Gen-Z young adults are looking for when they turn on their TV. The survey was broken down by IndieWire.

The survey found out that over 70% of Millennials and Gen Z-ers are a lot more inclined to want to watch original content over remakes or franchises. The message couldn’t be clearer: We’re fed up with watching the same thing over and over again. Viewers yearn for something new, even if it’s from an established IP – like Barbie proved in theaters last year.

The survey also indicated that, when they’re in the mood for something nostalgic, viewers just go back to their old favorite series and binge-watch titles like The Office and Friends. This data stresses that, once again, viewers yearn for shows with multiple seasons that they can binge-watch over and over again in order to stay with the characters they love for as long as possible. There was a hint of that when Suits debuted on Netflix and immediately became one of the most-watched titles on the platform.

Adult Viewers Also Value Independent Content

Additionally, the survey indicated that viewers also value independent content because they want to feel like they’re directly supporting small-time creators. This general feeling might have increased after subscribers witnessed Max’s approach to their own content and saw how writers’ jobs were being handled by Hollywood — which prompted last year’s historic strike.

Last but certainly not least, the survey indicated that, most of all, viewers want a wide array of content in their libraries. Streaming platforms are making it incredibly difficult for people to watch old movies and shows. The survey also acknowledged that, due to the excess of streaming platforms currently available, viewers are getting more selective about what they subscribe to and do not show reservations about churning out when they don’t find something that they want to see. Streamers have already noticed that last part, which is why we’re seeing content from different streaming platform popping up outside of their “home.” The Netflix library is once again featuring HBO and Paramount content, and will soon welcome other Disney titles as well.

Tubi’s survey was conducted from December 22, 2023 to January 5, 2024, with adults over 18 years old who streamed at least one hour of content a week.