‘Yellowstone’s Ian Bohen Teases When Season 5 Will Begin Production

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The Big Picture

  • Production for the final season of
    is set to start in May, with a possible November premiere date.
  • Ian Bohen discussed mixed feelings about the approaching series finale and described the cast’s camaraderie.
  • Season 5, Part 2 will address various unresolved storylines, including John Dutton’s struggles and divided family dynamics.

A lot has been said about Yellowstone in the past several months, including all the behind-the-scenes drama, but for the first time, Yellowstone star Ian Bohen (Ryan) has shared something important to fans. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Elton John Aids Foundation event, Bohen revealed that the cast is set to return to Montana to start prepping for the final episodes of the final season in May. “We will go back, rumor has it, in May. We should be on in November, roughly.” However, he was quick to clarify that this window was tentative. “You’re gonna have to give me some leeway on that. It’s not gonna be sooner than that. It could be June. We shoot six episodes… November… maybe December, and then we go through the holidays, and then maybe season finale…series finale, maybe on Super Bowl, and that will be the end of an era.

The update about the production month is the newest information about the show since Paramount+ announced that it is set to return this November—as corroborated by Bohen—but they didn’t offer any more details. Bohen also talked about his feelings about the coming series finale, saying:

“It’s like going to college and grad school with the same people for six or eight years, and you’re like, ‘Wait, we have to go? Then what are we gonna do next? It feels empty and weird so I’m gonna try to wring out every second of it.”

About ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Part 2.

The much-awaited conclusion to the Dutton family saga inches closer. Part 2 will wrap up all the hanging plot points, including the outcome of Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie’s (Wes Bentley) feud and what it means for the family business. With political and legal troubles following John, his enemies’ endgame will be revealed and whoever prevails will greatly affect the future of Yellowstone. The ultimate test is coming for John and his family and while they’ve weathered most of the challenges thrown their way, losing the war on one front could mean their end. Their Indian neighbors have a new no-nonsense leader, the government wants their ranch, powerful multinational corporations are after the land, and the family is the most divided they’ve ever been.

Kevin Costner exited the cast to focus on solo projects, so it’s unclear how much he will be involved with in the final season. Everyone else in the main cast is expected to return even as the future of the Matthew McConaughey-led spin-off remains in the balance.

There is currently no release date set.

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