Watch John Cena Deliver the Best Costume Design Award in the Buff

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The Big Picture

  • John Cena’s nude appearance at the Oscars echoes a past streaker incident in 1974, adding a memorable twist to the ceremony.
  • Cena initially resisted the streaker bit, ultimately opting for a makeshift toga to maintain modesty on stage.
  • The humorous moment culminated with Cena presenting an award to the costume designer of
    Poor Things
    amidst banter with host Jimmy Kimmel.

John Cena just provided the first truly viral moment of the Oscars for 2024 by allegedly appearing fully naked on stage, presenting the award for Best Costume Design in celebration of one of the most notorious moments in Oscar history. It was difficult to confirm if that had indeed happened as, obviously, nobody could see him. Host Jimmy Kimmel referenced the event, setting up a gag where it would be awful if “a nude man ran across the stage today” repeatedly before a shy Cena peered around from backstage refusing to take part.

Cena said he “didn’t want to do the streaker bit”, adding that Kimmel’s idea was tasteless and that the event was too elegant for it. Kimmel urged Cena to come on stage, noting that he wrestled with no clothes on before an indignant Cena pointed out he wrestled with jorts on. Kimmel pushed him by added that wearing jorts was actually worse than being naked, something nobody could ever truly argue with, even for a legend of wrestling like Cena.

Cena finally shuffled his way onstage, using the awards envelope to cover his modesty and shuffling sideways to ensure no slippage occurred, mercifully. Realizing he then wouldn’t be able to actually open the envelope, Kimmel came on stage to assist by draping him in some materials while the VT played announcing the various nominees for the award.

Cena, wearing a makeshift toga, finally got off stage having handed the award over to Poor Things costume designer Holly Waddington. For the wrestling fans out there too, Cena bumped into Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson while making his way off stage, ahead of Johnson’s return to the ring for the first time in 11 years at the upcoming WrestleMania, where it’s anticipated Cena will also be appearing.

Nudity at the Oscars — the 50th Anniversary

This wasn’t the first time that there was on-stage nudity at the Oscars. In fact, it’s almost fitting that Cena should appear on-stage in the nude, although luckily he didn’t perform his signature Five-Knuckle Shuffle. During the 1974 Oscars, a streaker named Robert Opel ran across the stage naked while flashing a peace sign, as co-host David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor. Niven responded with composure, making a witty remark about the streaker’s “shortcomings” and quickly steering the attention back to the awards ceremony. This incident has become one of the most memorable moments in Oscar history.

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