Theodorus Struyck Reps Group That Won $1.75 BILLION Powerball

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The California lottery has revealed who won a $1.75 billion Powerball jackpot in October—and it’s more than one person.

In a press release on Friday, officials said a man named Theodorus Struyck is the representative of a group of winners who took the second-biggest prize in lottery history.

It appears that personal details about Struyck have been largely scrubbed from the internet and social media.

Public-record databases show a 65-year-old man by that name in Frazier Park, just a half-mile from the store where the winning ticket was sold. Nearly all the content on a Facebook page for a Theo Struyck was made private or removed. A person with the same name was listed as a participant in several motocross races in California in recent years.

Lottery officials did not say how many people were in the group that won the top prize in the drawing. But the ticket seller, Midway Market, gets a $1 million check.

The prize is second only to a $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot in 2022.