The Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Screen Protectors in 2024

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The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protectors are straightforward to install and resistant to scratching and shattering. 

To aid you in shielding your expensive new device from damage, we’ve compiled our favorite screen protectors from trusted brands like Zagg, JETech, and more. 

Among the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protectors, our top pick is the Zagg Glass Elite screen protector, with its hardwearing aluminosilicate glass. Our favorite budget option is the low-cost, high-quality JETech screen protector set, which includes two screen protectors and camera lens protectors. 

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  • The ultra-durable Glass Elite screen protector from Zagg is scratch- and smudge-resistant, with reinforced edges to help prevent cracks and chips.

  • The sturdy Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit screen protector has an “auto-alignment” kit for a simple, worry-free application process.

  • JETech’s screen protector set includes two thin, durable screen protectors and two camera lens protectors for a low price.

  • In addition to dependable protection, this Zagg model offers a “portrait view privacy filter that blocks prying eyes from viewing content on your screen from the side.”

  • Samsung’s proprietary screen protector is relatively affordable. It eliminates distracting glare while providing reliable protection.

  • Sturdy and made with 60% recycled material, this plastic Otterbox screen protector dependably absorbs impact to prevent shattering.

  • Another affordable option from JETech, the Privacy screen protector has a coating to keep would-be peeping toms from seeing what’s on your screen.

  • Spigen’s NeoFlex screen protector is glossy, crystal clear, and designed to avoid rainbow-like effects and glare.


Does the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra need a screen protector?

When you consider that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is one of the most expensive flagship phones available, the added security of a screen protector is a wise investment, as it is for any of the best Samsung phones or best Android phones.

Screen protectors help protect your phone’s screen from accidental damage. They are generally far cheaper and faster to replace when compared to the cost and hassle of a warranty deductible and repair.

You should also invest in a case to properly protect your device. See our guide to the best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases for the top options available.

Will a Galaxy S23 Ultra screen protector fit a Galaxy S24 Ultra?

A screen protector for the Galaxy S23 Ultra will not fit a Galaxy S24 Ultra, and vice versa, due to the two phones’ slightly differing designs and dimensions.

What should I look for in a Galaxy S24 Ultra screen protector?

A few factors are worth considering when looking at screen protectors for your new Galaxy S24 Ultra. 

First and foremost, you want to ensure that a screen protector won’t impact the viewing quality of your display. A screen protector should also be protective enough to prevent injury to the screen when dropped and resistant to scratches and other minor damages that might occur through regular daily use.