The Best iPhone 15 Plus Cases in 2024

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The best iPhone 15 Plus cases fit your budget and design preferences, prevent accidental damage, and enable MagSafe charging. 

To help you preserve your iPhone 15 Plus, we’ve arranged a list of our favorite cases from Apple and other trusted brands like Mous, Otterbox, Spigen, and more.

Our top pick among the best iPhone 15 Plus cases is the Otterbox Defender XT case for its all-encompassing protection. Our favorite budget option is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S case, a clear, MagSafe-compatible cover with a built-in kickstand. 

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  • The Otterbox Defender XT offers the best protection available with MagSafe compatibility. It is shock-absorbent and has raised edges for screen protection.

  • Casely cases are slim and MagSafe-compatible. They include raised edges to help protect your screen and cameras from accidental damage.

  • Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid S is a clear, slim-fitting case with a kickstand. It’s shock-absorbent, resistant to yellowing, and MagSafe-compatible.

  • The Mous Limitless Aramid Fiber case is made with a durable, shock-resistant material and has an exceptional non-slip grip on its sides.

  • The Apple Silicone case features a protective exterior and interior microfiber lining. It is MagSafe-compatible, snug-fitting, and soft to the touch.

  • The clear case from Apple is sturdy, scratch-resistant, and MagSafe-compatible. Apple has treated the case to help prevent yellowing over time.

  • The thin yet sturdy Dbrand cases feature a pattern of ridges on their sides, allowing for an excellent grip and offering military-grade drop protection.

  • The JETech Electroplated case has a striking design and a strikingly low price for a durable case that provides a seamless MagSafe connection.

  • This version of the durable, MagSafe-compatible ESR Classic Hybrid case includes a kickstand that folds over the phone’s camera system.

  • Speck’s dual-layered, polycarbonate Candyshell Grip case provides added protection against drops. It also has raised edges to shield your camera.

  • The slim and light Liquid Armor case from Spigen has an intricate pattern on its back and sides, making it a dependable “anti-slip” case.

  • A more affordable option from the always-reliable Otterbox, the Commuter case has textured sides that allow for a better grip. It comes in four colors.

  • The textured design of the sturdy Caseology Parallax enhances your grip to prevent drops and makes your phone more comfortable to hold.

  • Casetify’s Custom Impact case lets you add text to its back in various patterns, colors, and fonts. It offers 8.2 feet of drop protection.

  • This minimal, versatile wallet case from Bellroy is made with premium leather and a soft microfiber lining. It is not MagSafe-compatible.


Does the iPhone 15 Plus need a case?

Like the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus has a durable aluminum frame and glass back and a sturdy, scratch-resistant Ceramic Shield screen.

However, that does not mean that the iPhone 15 Plus or any of the best iPhones is impervious to accidental damage. Equipping the iPhone 15 Plus with a reliable case is the best and most economical way to boost protection for your investment.

Will an iPhone 14 Plus case fit an iPhone 15 Plus?

Due to their slightly differing widths, an iPhone 14 Plus case will not fit an iPhone 15 Plus, and vice versa. 

The iPhone 14 Plus has a height of 6.33 inches, a width of 3.07 inches, and a depth of 0.31 inches. The iPhone 15 Plus has the same height and depth but a width of 3.06 inches. 

What should I look for in an iPhone 15 Plus case?

When selecting a case for your iPhone 15 Plus, various aspects should influence your decision alongside your budgetary and aesthetic priorities. 

First and foremost, you want to ensure that a case is protective enough, and ideally scratch-resistant, to help during accidental drops. A case should also not interfere with any phone features you might want to use, such as MagSafe charging.