‘Salem’s Lot’ Remake Will Premiere on Max

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The remake stars Lewis Pullman and Alfre Woodard.

Barlow (Reggie Nalder) the head vampire in 'Salem's Lot (1979).

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The Big Picture

  • Warner Bros. is moving
    Salem’s Lot
    to Max, anticipated to premiere during the fourth quarter.
  • Lewis Pullman cast as lead, alongside Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard, and John Benjamin Hickey.
  • Classic Stephen King horror tale will continue its legacy on screen, following multiple adaptations.

After Warner Bros. announced a new version of Salem’s Lot was coming to theaters, it created plenty of anticipation for fans of the Stephen King novel. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie that was originally planned for theaters will now be moving to Max. No release date was set at the moment, but the report believes that a premiere during the fourth quarter might be on the table. Even if the fact that Salem’s Lot will now be premiering on a streaming platform might not be the update horror fans wanted to hear, the announcement remains the biggest news related to the title after a long period of silence.

Salem’s Lot was the second novel published by King during his acclaimed career, consolidating the author as the massive horror influence he would become over the years. The 1975 book follows Ben Mears, a writer who returns to his hometown only to realize that the residents are becoming vampires for unknown reasons. Gary Dauberman, who previously worked on titles such as Annabelle Comes Home and It, was selected by Warner Bros. to direct the most recent adaptation of Salem’s Lot, which is now set to debut on Max. A classic horror tale will come to life once again later this year.

Warner Bros. knew they needed a star with a very impressive on-screen presence to lead the premise of Salem’s Lot, which is why Lewis Pullman was cast as Ben Mears. The actor was previously seen in Outer Range and Top Gun: Maverick, before heading towards the mystery of the small town plagued with vampires. Pullman will be joined by a marvelous list of performers, including Makenzie Leigh, Alfre Woodard and John Benjamin Hickey. What was expected to be a nostalgic trip for Mears will turn out to be a nightmare, in the classic story about creatures of the night.

‘Salem’s Lot’ Across the Years

While the Salem’s Lot movie directed by Dauberman will frighten audiences with how Ben Mears must find a way to survive, it won’t be the first attempt at bringing the classic Stephen King story to the screen. David Soul starred as the author in a miniseries based on the book that premiered on CBS back in 1979. After that, a TNT television adaptation featured Rob Lowe as the protagonist of the story, proving time and time again that viewers can’t get enough of Salem’s Lot. Time will tell where Dauberman’s film will stand when it comes to the legacy left behind by the iconic novel.