Mark Zuckerberg Is Becoming Meta’s Ultimate Influencer

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The billionaire is Meta’s No. 1 influencer at the moment, using his new posting enthusiasm to show some of the company’s products in action.

In a recent Instagram post, Zuckerberg demoed Meta’s new Ray-Ban AI glasses, which are still in beta. He used the post to show off some of the capabilities that might come in handy on vacation, such as analyzing historical monuments or answering questions about the natural world.

If Zuckerberg has decided to take Meta’s influencer marketing in-house, he’s doing a pretty good job. Some users reacted enthusiastically to the billionaire’s demo.

“Excited to try this out when traveling as a translation tool for signs and text,” one Instagram user commented.

“That’s cool! I want this Zuck,” another echoed.

Last month, the tech CEO posted another snap of himself wearing Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses in a Japanese McDonald’s.

Zuck has been known to use his Instagram to promote Meta’s products. In a video posted late last year, he used Meta’s AI Ray-Bans to guide him through braiding his daughter’s hair. 

He’s also used his platform to promote the company’s Quest 3 headset amid fresh competition from Apple’s buzzy Vision Pro, which launched last month.

Zuckerberg posted a video reviewing Apple’s new mixed-reality headset, perhaps unsurprisingly deciding Meta’s $500 Quest headset was superior. The billionaire has also taken to criticizing Apple’s headset on other social media platforms and behind closed doors in private meetings.

In a post on Threads last week, Zuckerberg said if Meta’s Quest is like the Vision Pro in five years, “we’ll have regressed significantly.”

The Meta CEO has been posting through his mini tour of Asia in recent months. So far, he’s been skiing with family, making swords in Japan, and attending the lavish pre-wedding party of Anant Ambani with his wife, Priscilla.

The billionaire has also made time for some work, reportedly meeting Facebook developers in Tokyo.