Marcus Jordan owes ‘RHOM’ cast ‘apology’ for reunion jab 

Guerdy Abraira believes Marcus Jordan owes the “Real Housewives of Miami” cast an apology after making a jab at the ladies during a backstage outburst at the Season 6 reunion. 

“It was not a nice thing to say, obviously, and I think an apology would be in order in the future,” the Bravolebrity, 46, exclusively tells Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast, addressing a specific insult made by co-star Larsa Pippen’s off-and-on beau. 

The 33-year-old son of Michael Jordan lambasted the majority of the “Miami” women during a discussion with Pippen, 49, and host Andy Cohen that aired during the Feb. 28 episode. 

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Guerdy Abraira tells Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast that Marcus Jordan owes the cast an “apology” for a jab he made backstage at the Season 6 reunion. Page Six

“It was not a nice thing to say, obviously,” she says, addressing a specific insult made by Larsa Pippen’s off-and-on beau. BRAVO

“These women wouldn’t even be able to do the dishes in our house, let alone try to bring themselves into this conversation,” the sports scion said, expressing frustration over his NBA legend dad’s name being repeatedly mentioned on camera. 

“Some people need to just stay in their lane.”

Abraira — a native of Haiti whose father drove taxis and mother worked as a nurse — says Marcus’ disparaging remark didn’t penetrate her as she is “proud” to have come from humble beginnings. 

“These women wouldn’t even be able to do the dishes in our house,” Pippen’s boyfriend — the son of NBA great Michael Jordan — said in part. larsapippen/Instagram

Haiti native Abraira says Marcus’ disparaging remark didn’t penetrate her as she is “proud” to have come from humble beginnings.  guerdydesign/instagram

“If the benchmark for us to even step into his house is to do the dishes, that says a lot. So it’s kind of like, ‘You’re not good enough to even do the dishes.’ Listen, my mother was a nurse, my father drove taxis. I’m proud of the blue-collar [work force],” explains the esteemed event planner, whose husband, Russell Abraira, is a fire captain. 

“Kudos to the people who work hard every single day and work for their money and that’s all I’m going to say about that. [Marcus is] a lucky person that he had a nice lifestyle from birth.”

Notably, Guerdy is giving Marcus grace — even if she has sparred with his girlfriend, Pippen, throughout Season 6. 

“If the benchmark for us to even step into his house is to do the dishes, that says a lot,” Abraira says of Marcus’ sentiment. Gizelle Hernandez/Stephanie Diani/Bravo

Still, the esteemed wedding planner is extending grace to the sports scion. Instagram

“Listen, people say things that they may not mean when they’re heated. People may say some things that they don’t mean when they’re a little tipsy. So, backstage obviously, they were chilling, they were hanging out, they were drinking Larsa’s uh, you know, what is it … tequila,” she says, shouting out Pippen’s alcohol brand, Olujo. 

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“So maybe he was just a little loose and had a loose-lip moment,” Guerdy elaborates. “I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, which I ask people to give me, just in case I’m reading it wrong.”

“Listen, people say things that they may not mean when they’re heated,” Abraira notes. Greg Doherty/Bravo

Notably, she sparred with Marcus’ girlfriend, Pippen, throughout Season 6. Aaron Davidson/Peacock via Getty Images

Meanwhile, her good pal and castmate Julia Lemigova was less forgiving when speaking to Page Six last week. 

“Since leaving a communist country without a dollar to my name, I have had to work hard for everything I have achieved,” the Russia native asserted. 

“I will be neither belittled nor degraded by a nepo baby,” the model continued, “who’s using our platform to leverage a career for himself.”

“I will be neither belittled nor degraded by a nepo baby,” Guerdy’s co-star Julia Lemigova previously told Page Six, acknowledging Marcus’ “dishes” diss. BRAVO

Lemigova and Pippen are no longer on speaking terms after clashing on the latest “Miami” installment. Nicole Weingart/Bravo

While Lemigova noted that her friendship with Pippen has all but fizzled after a tumultuous season, Guerdy tells us that she has hope for her future dynamic with the Larsa Marie jewelry designer. 

“I just can’t hold negativity in me anymore. So I’m not saying that everything’s perfect. I’m not saying that we made up at the reunion at all; you’ll have to watch to see that,” she says, teasing Thursday night’s third and final installment. 

“I’m just saying that right now, today, I have to compartmentalize that situation because it’s so far behind me and I’m healthy.”

Guerdy, for her part, butted heads with Pippen after the latter shared her breast cancer diagnosis with others — despite being given explicit instructions not to. Guerdy Abraira

This point of contention has been heavily dissected throughout the three-part “RHOM” Season 6 reunion. BRAVO

Pippen shocked “RHOM” viewers this season when she disclosed Abraira’s breast cancer battle to Lisa Hochstein, Marysol Patton, Alexia Nepola and Kiki Barth — plus several non-reality star girlfriends — without permission.

Guerdy previously updated Lemigova, 51, Adriana de Moura and Dr. Nicole Martin about her health during an emotional dinner scene, but had yet to find a moment that felt right to disclose her diagnosis with the rest of the cast.

While she was hurt by Pippen’s flub, Guerdy says on “Virtual Reali-Tea” that she is holding space for a future reconciliation. 

With reflection, however, Abraira says she is willing to move to repair her fractured friendship with Pippen. Christopher Peterson /

Abraira (far left) and Pippen (center) have starred on “RHOM” together for three consecutive seasons. Jeff Daly/Peacock

“At the end of the day, truly, truly do I think that she maliciously ran away and said, ‘I’m gonna make a plan to blow up her spot and to really f—k with her cancer?’ I don’t think so,” she reflects. 

“And so that’s what I have to hold on to, for hope with our friendship. And so you’ll see [in] part three how we try to resolve that … We get into more of the details of it and you’ll have to see how we try to potentially come to a resolution at the reunion.”

In the meantime, Guerdy is relishing in her unexpected — but very much appreciated – new role as an advocate for breast cancer awareness. She says more than 300 viewers have reached out to tell her that, by seeing her journey unfold on “RHOM,” they were able to detect their own breast cancer early.

In the meantime, Guerdy — pictured here with husband Russell Abraira and their two sons — is focused on continuing her advocacy for breast cancer awareness. Guerdy Abraira

She raves that more than 300 viewers have reached out, letting her know that she directly impacted their early detection of the disease. Page Six

“These are people who have watched the show never went to a mammogram before. A lot of people are scared to to get one, went to get one, received a [diagnosis] and now are being proactive in treating it. So that’s like saving actual lives,” she says.

“And that’s why I regret nothing that I did for the show … [It] was as if God said, ‘You are going to share this to save lives.’”

Abraira was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in March 2023 but by that November, she triumphantly told fans at BravoCon 2023 that she was cancer-free.

Part three of the “Real Housewives of Miami” Season 6 reunion airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.