‘Love is Blind’ star Sarah Ann has no regrets about DM’ing Jeramey, plans to marry him

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Warning: “Love is Blind” spoilers ahead. Do not proceed unless you’ve watched all of Season 6.

“Love is Blind” stars Sarah Ann Bick and Jeramey Lutinski are in it for the long run.

Despite their controversial coupling on Season 6 of the hit Netflix dating series, Bick exclusively told Page Six that she has no regrets about how things went down. In fact, she has full intentions on saying “I do” to Lutinski someday.

“We’ve definitely talked about marriage. It’s something that we both are still wanting to do, but we want it to be on our terms,” Bick told us via Zoom Thursday, hours after the bombshell reunion episode dropped, in which she and Lutinski revealed they’ve been dating ever since filming wrapped.

“Immediately when we started dating, we were like, ‘So what do we do? We know a lot about each other, but, like, do we put a ring on it?’” she added. “We both decided for ourselves it was better to take the opportunity to get to know each other and just really dive into that real-life relationship. We’re so grateful for that. We’ve learned so much more about each other, especially living together.”

“Love is Blind” star Sarah Ann Bick exclusively chatted with Page Six about her romance with Jeramey Lutinski. Page Six

She told us she plans to say “I do” to her now-boyfriend someday regardless of the backlash. Page Six

Bick and Lutinski initially formed a tight bond in the pods before meeting each other face-to-face in the real world. Although they connected on a deep level, Lutinski ultimately decided to propose to his other love interest, Laura Dadisman, sight unseen.

Everything seemed to be going well between the newly engaged couple until Lutinski was caught hanging out with Bick until five in the morning after a night out – and even dropping her off at her home.

When Dadisman brought it up to Lutinski the next day, he first denied ever leaving their original location. However, when she called out his lie – thanks to location sharing – Lutinski said he didn’t want to discuss it on camera. He insisted he and Bick did not cross any boundaries and were just catching up until the early morning hours.

“We’ve definitely talked about marriage. It’s something that we both are still wanting to do,” Bick gushed. sarah_ann411/Instagram

The reality star told us the two are living together and have been dating since filming wrapped. COURTESY OF NETFLIX

This all went down after Dadisman learned that Bick had sent Lutinski an Instagram DM about wanting to reconnect outside of the pods if things didn’t work out.

“I can’t ever say that I regret sending the direct message. In fact, eventually I’m going to share the message with the world so that everyone can see what it actually said,” Bick teased, telling us that she thinks Lutinski would have reached out even if she didn’t send the initial message.

“I had to fight for a love that I believe in … so I don’t regret sending the message. It was very well thought out, heartfelt,” she continued. “Realistically, I knew that they got engaged, but I didn’t know the status of the relationship or how things were going [post-pods]. I just knew how the experiment worked and that we were dating the same amount of time. Anything could have happened. So I don’t regret it.”

Lutinski was previously engaged to Laura Dadisman after proposing to her in the pods, sight unseen. COURTESY OF NETFLIX

The now-exes feuded on camera after Lutinski hung out with Bick after a night out. COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Bick ended up joining Lutinski on the cast’s lake day trip in episode 11, where they rode off on jet skis together in front of a heartbroken Dadisman. Looking back on that now-viral scene, Bick told us she acted like “a goofball” and never intended to “hurt” her former pod-mate.

“I’ll say it 10 times over, I apologize if [Laura] did get hurt in the situation,” she reiterated. “Whenever you have a lot of people attacking you, it’s fight or flight. It’s a natural human response to be like, ‘I’m out of here.’ I’ve been told in therapy many a times that you use humor to deflect. And so it was like, ‘Well, let’s jump on here, let’s get out of this situation.’”

She added, “But, you know, at the end of the day, I think things could have been handled differently.”

“I apologize if [Laura] did get hurt in the situation,” Bick told us. Netflix

However, she said she has no regrets about sending her love a DM via Instagram. Netflix

Because Lutinski had just called off his engagement to now ex-fiancée Dadisman when he coupled up with Bick on camera, fans on social media naturally went wild over the discovery.

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“I do my best to try not to let some of the hate that I see on the internet get to me … but I am a human being so some of it does get to me at times,” she admitted. “I pride myself on the fact that I think I can take the heat [but] there’s so much being thrown at us and people are going to say what they say.”

Bick also addressed all of the online hate she’s received from Season 6 viewers. GREG GAYNE/NETFLIX

“I am a human being so some of it does get to me at times,” she admitted. COURTESY OF NETFLIX

Bick added that all the online hate has also affected her and Lutinski’s relationship at times. Her boyfriend briefly addressed some of their “ups and downs” during Wednesday’s reunion episode.

“I don’t want to speak for Jeramey, but I live with him, I know him well. And just based off of our relationship, it does take a toll at times,” she shared. “But when you have a strong connection with someone, you fight for that person. And that’s what we do every day. We have to work through a lot.”

Season 6 of “Love Is Blind” is streaming now on Netflix.