I Saved $456 on Dupes at Five Below: Photos, Review

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  • The discount store Five Below is known for its “dupes” or duplicates of high-end products.
  • I visited my local Five Below in February and saved over $450 by buying cheaper products there.
  • I found a $10 version of the viral Hatch Restore alarm clock, which retails for $199.99.

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Five Below, a discount store founded in Pennsylvania in 2002, is known for — as the name suggests — selling most of its products for $5 and below. There are some exceptions, including the Five Beyond shop, which is mainly stocked with items that are less than $20.

Its cheap products align with the dupe culture that’s popular among Gen Z. Dupes — short for the word “duplicates” — look like high-end products but have much lower price tags.

As Business Insider’s Jennifer Ortakales Dawkins put it, Gen Z “prefers knockoffs more than other generations” and is obsessed with getting things at a bargain.

I’m technically a Zillennial — falling between millennials and Gen Z — so I took inspiration from younger shoppers on a recent visit to Five Below.

During my first visit to the chain in December, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. On my second visit, I wanted to see which cheaper versions — or dupes — of expensive items I could find. I hoped I would find some worthy items but didn’t know what to expect realistically.

Here are the dupes I found at Five Below.