Five Beverly Hills Eighth Graders Expelled for Spreading AI Nudes of Classmates

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Five eighth-grade students have been expelled from their Beverly Hills middle school for spreading AI-generated nude images with their classmates’ faces on them.

On Wednesday, the board of education for the Beverly Hills Unified School District held a vote to expel the students, who attended Beverly Vista Middle School, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The parents and students had agreed not to contest the punishment, so no formal hearing was held. The five students were “most egregiously involved,” according to a letter from Superintendent Michael Bregy, which said that a total of 16 eighth grade students were victimized.

When officials at Beverly Vista Middle School became aware that the images were being distributed last month, they were able to identify the students within 24 hours. The identities of the students have not been released.

“We recognize that kids are still learning and growing, and mistakes are part of this process,” Bregy wrote in a message to parents sent on Thursday night.

“However, accountability is essential, and appropriate measures have been taken.”

Fake nude scandals have rocked other schools, including a high school in New Jersey, where one student sued another last month for creating and sharing images of her using an AI application.

“This incident has spurred crucial discussions on the ethical use of technology, including AI, underscoring the importance of vigilant and informed engagement within digital environments,” Bregy said in his message. “In response, our district is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing education around digital citizenship, privacy, and safety for our students, staff, and parents which was immediately reemphasized at all schools following the incident.”