Every Marvel Movie and Show Coming Out in 2024

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Feeling superhero fatigue yet? Marvel sure isn’t, as there are well over a dozen Marvel Comics adaptations currently on the way. From movies to television shows to short-form specials, Marvel Studios alone has built a vast multimedia empire that is nothing to scoff at. That doesn’t even include the non-Marvel Cinematic Universe content, such as the many animated shows coming to Disney+ and Sony’s many attempts at Spider-Man spin-offs.

Be it the MCU’s Multiverse Saga or Sony’s Spider-Verse trilogy, there really is something for every type of Marvel fan out there in the coming years. For a full list of what movies and shows you can expect to see set in the Marvel Multiverse within the next year, read below to find out.

Every Marvel Project In Development By Order of Release Date

The Marvel Studios logo's animated intro from Thor: Love and Thunder Image via Disney+

For a brief rundown of every Marvel project currently in development, both from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, look below for the chronological order by release date. Keep in mind that some projects do not yet have a release date attached.


  • X-Men ’97 Season 1 (March 20, 2024)
  • Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26, 2024)
  • Kraven the Hunter (August 30, 2024)
  • Agatha (Fall 2024)
  • Venom: The Last Dance (November 8, 2024)
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 1 (2024)
  • Captain America: Brave New World (February 14, 2025)


  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • Daredevil: Born Again
  • Ironheart
  • Eyes of Wakanda
  • What If…? Season 3
  • Marvel Zombies

Every Marvel Studios Movie and Show Scheduled For Release in 2024

‘X-Men ’97’ (2024)

Release Date:

March 20, 2024


Beau DeMayo


Jennifer Hale, Ray Chase, Lenore Zann, Cal Dodd, George Buza, J.P. Karliak, Adrian Hough, A.J. LoCascio, Alison Sealy-Smith, Matthew Waterson, Holly Chou, and Isaac Robinson-Smith

Get ready to party like it’s 1997 because 2024 is the year the Extraordinary X-Men return to the public eye. That starts with X-Men ’97 – a direct continuation of the fan-favorite X-Men: The Animated Series from 1992. Picking up right where the series left off in 1997, the show will see Cyclops (Ray Chase) and the rest of the mutant team cope with the loss of Professor X (Cedric Smith) and the team’s new management under Magneto (Matthew Waterson). Despite being made by Marvel Studios, the show is not connected to the MCU (not that it needed to be).

X-Men ’97 premieres on Disney+ on Wednesday, March 20, 2024, with a second season reportedly already in production.

Poster for X-Men '97

X-Men ’97

Continuation of X-Men: The Animated Series (1992) .

Release Date March 20, 2024

Cast Jennifer Hale , Cal Dodd , Chris Potter , Catherine Disher , Adrian Hough , Ray Chase , Lenore Zann

Seasons 2

Number of Episodes 10

Streaming Service(s) Disney+

Franchise(s) X-Men

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ (2024)

Release Date:

July 26, 2024


Shawn Levy


Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Matthew Macfadyen, Emma Corrin, Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams, Aaron Stanford, Karan Soni, and Jennifer Garner

Continuing with the X-Men theme, Deadpool & Wolverine is unlike anything Marvel Studios has made before. Their first R-rated feature film has the unique task of being a sequel to the first two Deadpool films while also introducing the beloved character to the MCU. Following Wade Wilson’s (Ryan Reynolds) time-traveling antics in Deadpool 2, he gets abducted and then recruited by the TVA to help with a dire, multiverse-threatening mission. With a task that big, Wade is going to need some help from a certain adamantium-clawed best frenemy.

Deadpool & Wolverine releases in theaters on Friday, July 26, 2024.

Deadpool 3 Come Together Film Teaser Poster

Deadpool & Wolverine

Wolverine joins the “merc with a mouth” in the third installment of the Deadpool film franchise.

Release Date July 26, 2024

Writers Rob Liefeld , Fabian Nicieza , Paul Wernick , Wendy Molyneux , Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin

Studio Marvel Studios

‘Agatha’ (2024)

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in her witch lair in Agatha: Darkhold Diaries Image via Marvel Studios

Release Date:

Fall 2024


Kathryn Hahn, Patti LuPone, Aubrey Plaza, Debra Jo Rupp, Emma Caulfield Ford, and Joe Locke

Westview’s most notorious sorceress returns in the WandaVision spin-off, Agatha (which has changed titles more than WandaVision changed time periods). When we last saw Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), she was brainwashed into thinking she was an average suburban woman. Now, she’s likely broken free of that curse and is ready to become the universe’s greatest magic-user once again.

Agatha is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in Fall 2024.

‘Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’ (2024)

Cropped photo of an animated Peter Parker standing in the hallway of his school, alongside his classmates and staff, in Spider-Man: Freshman Year Image via Marvel/Therese Lacson

Release Date:



Charlie Cox and Paul F. Tompkins

Easily one of the most perplexing projects in Marvel Studios’ upcoming slate is Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Originally titled Spider-Man: Freshman Year, this new animated series was seemingly originally intended as a prequel to Captain America: Civil War, showcasing Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) Spider-Man career before he met Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). However, it now appears that the show will be less of a prequel and more of an alternate storyline, with Peter becoming a pupil of Norman Osborn rather than Stark. That means the new animated Spidey show won’t be in the MCU, and yet, Charlie Cox will reportedly be reprising his role as Daredevil in the series.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is set to release sometime in 2024, with a second season already confirmed to be in development.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

The animated series follows Peter Parker on his way to becoming Spider-Man in the MCU, with a journey unlike we’ve ever seen and a style that celebrates the character’s early comic book roots.

Release Date 2024-00-00

Seasons 1

Production Company Marvel Studios

‘Eyes of Wakanda’

Shuri wearing the Black Panther suit in Wakanda Forever. Image via Marvel Studios

An animated anthology spin-off of Black Panther is in development, that being Eyes of Wakanda which will show Wakandan leaders at various points in history. Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is reportedly attached to the show.

‘What If…?’ Season 3 and ‘Marvel Zombies’ (TBD)

marvel-what-if-episode-5-zombies Image via Disney+

The multiverse is endless, and that’s being proven with the MCU’s What If…? animated anthology series. Not only is Season 3 already in development and on the way, but a spin-off following the Marvel Zombies universe is also on the way, following the few surviving heroes of a universe suffering from a zombie apocalypse.


What If…?

Based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name, this animated anthology looks at alternate timelines in the multiverse that would happen if specific moments in the MCU occurred differently.

Release Date August 11, 2021

Creator A. C. Bradley

Seasons 2

Streaming Service(s) Disney+

Sony-Marvel Movie Scheduled To Release in 2024

‘Kraven the Hunter’ (2024)

Release Date:

August 30, 2024


J.C. Chandor


Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Russell Crowe, Ariana DeBose, Alessandro Nivola, Fred Hechinger, and Christopher Abbott

Sony’s Marvel slate got off to a rough start with Madame Web, but they hope to gain momentum with two more films in their so-called “Villainverse”. The first is the long-delayed Kraven the Hunter, which will see Sergei Kravinoff (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) set out to prove himself as the ultimate hunter. The film will mark the first-ever R-rated Spider-Man spin-off.

Kraven the Hunter releases in theaters on Friday, August 30, 2024.

Kraven the Hunter New Film Poster

Kraven the Hunter

Russian immigrant Sergei Kravinoff is on a mission to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world.

Release Date August 30, 2024

Director J.C. Chandor

Writers Richard Wenk , Art Marcum , Matt Holloway

‘Venom: The Last Dance’ (2024)

Venom's tongue rolling out in Venom Image via Sony Pictures

Release Date:

November 8, 2024


Kelly Marcel


Tom Hardy, Juno Temple, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Clark Backo

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Venom are back for a third Venom film. This follows their brief visit to the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and the film will likely pick up where their last chaotic adventure left off.

Venom: The Last Dance releases in theaters on Friday, November 8, 2024.

Venom 3

Release Date November 8, 2024

Director Kelly Marcel

Marvel Movies and Shows Potentially Releasing Within the Next Year

‘Captain America: Brave New World’ (2025)

Sam-Wilson's-Captain-America-v1-feature (1)

Release Date:

February 14, 2025


Julius Onah


Anthony Mackie, Harrison Ford, Liv Tyler, Tim Blake Nelson, Rosa Salazar, Shira Haas, Danny Ramirez, and Carl Lumbly

Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) may have let go of his shield, but he found a worthy successor in Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie). Captain America: Brave New World is juggling a lot by being a sequel to Captain America: Civil War, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and even The Incredible Hulk.

Captain America: Brave New World releases in theaters on Friday, February 14, 2025.

‘Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse’ (TBD)

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Image via Sony Pictures

Release Date:



Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson


Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Schwartzman, Oscar Isaac, Mahershala Ali, and Jharrel Jerome

Easily Sony’s most anticipated Marvel project is Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. After the cliffhanger ending of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, fans are eager to see how Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) will defeat the all-powerful Spot (Jason Schwartzman). The third Spider-Verse film was delayed by the 2023 industry strikes and does not currently have a release date.

Spider-Man Beyond The Spider-Verse 2nd Poster

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

After leaving off from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the story continues.

Release Date 2024-00-00

Writers Dave Callaham , Phil Lord , Christopher Miller

‘Daredevil: Born Again’ (TBD)

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock as Daredevil on the She-Hulk Character Poster Image via Disney+

Release Date:



Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jon Bernthal, Wilson Bethel, Michael Gandolfini, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, and Margarita Levieva

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) will indeed be reborn with Daredevil: Born Again, which underwent a massive creative overhaul. The reported reason is that the initial version of the show did not keep in continuity with Netflix’s beloved Daredevil adaptation which features many of the same stars. To avoid confusion, the show was reworked, and fan favorites like The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and Bullseye (Wilson Bethel) are set to return as well. Following several delays, Daredevil: Born Again does not currently have a release date.

Daredevil Born Again Poster

Daredevil: Born Again

Release Date 2024-00-00

Seasons 1

‘Ironheart’ (TBD)


Release Date



Dominique Thorne, Alden Ehrenreich, Manny Montana, Anthony Ramos, Zoe Terakes, and Sacha Baron Cohen

The first of several Black Panther spin-offs planned for Disney+, Ironheart is set to follow Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) after the events of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The show was originally slated to release in 2023 but was curiously pulled from Marvel’s slate entirely. Since being pulled, no new release date has been set for Ironheart.

Ironheart TV Show Teaser Poster


Genius teenage inventor Riri Williams creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man.

Release Date 2024-00-00

Main Genre superheroes

Seasons 1