Dylan Dreyer is just happy to still work at the NBC ‘Today’ show

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A few weeks back, Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland caused a stir by walking off the “Today” show set because her dressing room wasn’t up to par.

But “Today” meteorologist and “3rd Hour” co-host Dylan Dreyer says she’s perfectly happy with a tiny dressing room — because she’s used to New York apartments.

She told Page Six that after the kerfuffle, “I was thinking I was low class because I was thinking, ‘Why is everybody so upset?’ Because I like my little cozy room! I got pictures of my kids. It is my space. It is small but I live in a New York City apartment with three kids so I am used to it being small.” 

She even told us that back in her earlier days with the network she shared one of the now-notorious dressing rooms.

Dylan Dreyer says that she is used to having a small dressing room because she has a small New York apartment. Getty Images

The NBC’s “Today” anchor was on hand to honor NBC’s co-anchor Hoda Kotb. Getty Images

Last month Rowland had been scheduled to be a guest co-host “Today with Hoda and Jenna,” but hit the bricks after doing a brief interview with Savannah Guthrie on an earlier segment of the show.

“Kelly and her team were not happy. They did not like the dressing room, so they decided to pull her off the show, leaving [Kotb] without a guest host for the 10 a.m. hour,” a source familiar with the situation told Page Six at the time.

Dreyer recently hosted the Hudson River Park Friends annual Playground Committee luncheon honoring jewelry designer Maria Dueñas Jacobs and her “Today” colleague Hoda Kotb.

The New Jersey native questioned her own standards because she likes her small dressing room. Getty Images

The mother of three added that, tiny dressing rooms aside, “There are so many perks at working at the ‘Today’ show. I mean it is a pinch me moment and a dream come true. I worked my butt off to get here and I am now lucky to be here for a long time now. My kids get to see me enjoy my job and I really am so blessed.”

The “Today” anchor says she is a proud boy mom. dylandreyernbc/Instagram

Dressing rooms aside, the mother of three is just happy to work as a meteorologist on NBC. Getty Images