Children of the Sun brings FPS puzzles to Steam on April 9

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Children of the Sun is a bullet-bending puzzle game set in a trippy world of cults and revenge, and it’s due to hit PC via Steam on April 9. In Children of the Sun, players line up a single sniper shot and then control the bullet as it ricochets among the cultists in their sights. The goal is to take everyone out with the most speed, elegance and creativity, curving the bullet around the environment and through objects as the targets attempt to flee in slow motion. It’s a repeatable, satisfying set of mechanics.

It’s not all senseless violence, either. The sniper is called The Girl, and she’s a former cult member who grew up as a victim of its brainwashing. She’s now on a mission to dismantle the cult, member by member and bullet by bullet, before finally taking out The Leader. So yes, there is violence in the game, but it’s not completely senseless.

The environments in Children of the Sun have a high-contrast, demonic glow about them, and the enemies appear as thermally lit skeletons as The Girl spies on them, lining up each shot. The visuals alone lend the game an unpredictable, adrenaline-fueled edge.

Children of the Sun comes from René Rother, a developer who’s big in the world of game jams. Rother has a history of building minimalistic games with loud messages about violence and death — or, sometimes, chewing gum. Children of the Sun is published by Devolver Digital.

Children of the Sun

Devolver Digital

The demo for Children of the Sun landed on Steam in early February and offered a seven-course taste of the game’s core loop. It was a breakout hit of Steam Next Fest; its demo clocked more than 60,000 players that week.

“It’s been a few pretty fun weeks after the first announcement of the game and the release of the demo,” Rother said on Steam. “There were lots of really nice words and great feedback coming from you. I appreciate everyone who gave the Demo a moment of their time…. So now that release date is public, I guess I finally need to actually finish the game. Ha!”