Bethenny Frankel reveals how she stays ‘so thin’: ‘Tasting everything, eating nothing’

Bethenny Frankel gave her fans a breakdown of her eating habits in a new video shared to her Instagram on Thursday with the caption, “How do I stay so thin?”

The SkinnyGirl founder’s first rule for maintaining her fit frame is to prioritize how she will be consuming her days’ calorie intake.

“So, I pick my spots,” she said. “If I know I’m going to some crazy doughnut place or hotdog place, I may not have the meal that comes before that.”

Frankel said she doesn’t eat a large meal before going out for food like doughnuts or pizza. Instagram/@bethennyfrankel

She also watches her portions and doesn’t “overeat.” ?Instagram

Instead, the 53-year-old said she will eat a “light” meal so she doesn’t “overeat” the junk food.

She also controls her portions, noting that she will only have a few bites to satisfy her craving.

“I’m not eating all the doughnuts, or all the hotdogs or all the pizza,” she said. “You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing.”

“You’re really tasting everything, eating nothing,” she said. Steven Hirsch

The “RHONY” star said that she never binges on food.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum explained that she still eats “a good amount” so she can experience how the dish tastes but will “never binge.”

“I never eat to the point where I’m full,” she said, adding, “Not never, but sometimes. I do not like the feeling of being full. It’s uncomfortable. So if you never eat until you get full, you’ll be fine.”

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“I’m also a slow eater and I chew slowly,” she said while eating a chocolate treat. “I chew my food thoroughly.”

Frankel has openly bashed diet culture and even released her book, “Naturally Thin,” in 2009, in which she guides readers on how to “free yourself from a lifetime of dieting.”  

“I chew my food thoroughly,” she said. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Frankel has long been against dieting culture. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

In 2022, the “Just B” podcast host admitted that she doesn’t exercise, though she does live an active lifestyle.

“So I don’t exercise. I do what I can when I can,” she said in a TikTok video at the time.

“I’ll snowboard if I can, I’ll surf if I can, I walk on the beach whenever I can, but I choose [to] sleep first. Sleep is the No. 1 priority.”

She famously wrote her book, “Naturally Thin” in 2009 to help women get out of their toxic dieting habits. Instagram/@bethennyfrankel

She previously shared that she doesn’t exercise. bethennyfrankel/Instagram

She also said that “being happy is one priority.”

Frankel shared that she used to constantly diet when she was in her 30s and was 20 pounds heavier than she is now.

“I eat what I want, but I don’t ever binge, and I don’t work out. I don’t do weights,” she said. “I believe in balance.”

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