Best iPhone Deals 2024: Up to $1,000 Off a New iPhone 15 Series or Score an SE, 13 or 14 for Free

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Up to $620 off unlocked models, $1,000 off carrier models with trade-in

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iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max at Mint Mobile

6 months of free wireless

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iPhone 14 and 14 Pro at Apple

Up to $620 off with trade-in

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iPhone 14 and 14 Pro at T-Mobile

Up to $1,000 off with trade-in

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iPhone 14 at AT&T

Up to $514 off with installment plan

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iPhone 13 at Apple

Up to $620 off with trade-in

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iPhone SE (2022) at Apple

Up to $620 off with trade-in

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Apple phones are consistently ranked in our roundups of best phones overall, and for good reason. They have a reputation for being reliable, fast and user-friendly. They also take great photos. Now that the latest iPhone 15 series is widely available, you’ll find a variety of deals on a number of different models and configurations. From the budget-friendly iPhone SE to the new iPhone 15 Pro Max powerhouse, you shouldn’t overpay for quality performance. That’s why we’ve gathered the best iPhone deals available across multiple generations. Check back often, because we’ll keep this post updated with the latest offers.

Best iPhone deals available now

Below you’ll find the best deals on the iPhone 15, iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 2022, grouped by generation.

iPhone 15 deals

We first learned about the iPhone 15 at the Wonderlust event in the fall of 2023, with the new flagship from Apple hitting shelves on Sept. 22 of that year. It’s been several months now since its release, and you can find quite a few ways to get your hands on one for less right now.

Buying your iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro directly from Apple can score you a deal. Various financing options are available, including up to $620 off unlocked models with a qualifying trade-in. Or you can opt for a carrier deal via Apple and save as much as $1,000 when you trade in your old phone.

AT&T is offering up to $700 off the iPhone 15, and if you’re hoping for the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, you can get up to $1,000 off. You’ll need a qualifying trade-in and an eligible unlimited plan to get the discount. If it’s the iPhone 15 Plus you’re after, you can currently score that for $11 per month with no trade-in required.

AT&T offers bill credit trade-in on phones valued as little as $35, with phones valued between $35 and $129 netting you $350 in savings, so it’s worth bringing in that older phone you never upgraded.

Right now at Verizon, if you purchase an iPhone 15 and add a new line with the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, you will get a promotional credit of $830, which essentially nets you the phone for free. The promotional credit is applied to the account as bill credits over 36 months. Add a new line and trade in a phone, and you can get up to $830 in promo credits, which gets you the iPhone 15 for free. You’ll need the Unlimited Ultimate plan to get this price. In a similar deal, you can get up to $930 off the iPhone 15 Plus with trade in and a new line or up to $830 off with trade-in.

If you want the iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max, you can add a new line under the Unlimited Ultimate plan and get up to $1,000 off. If you’re an existing customer, you can upgrade to the 15 Pro or Pro Max and save up to $830.

Plus, when you buy the iPhone 15 you can get up to $460 off the Apple iPad 9th Gen, which is paid in bill credits over 36 months. This gets you the iPad for free, but you’ll have to add a new line for the iPad to qualify.

T-Mobile is offering quite a few different ways to save on the iPhone 15 series at the moment. If you’ve got an old phone to trade in, you can save up to $1,000 if you’re on a Go5G Next plan or $830 if you’re on a Go5G Plus plan.

Or you can save up to $830 with both a trade-in and a new line of service. Those with Go5G, Magenta, or One rate plan can get up to $300 off with trade-in. And any customer already on any other existing T-Mobile plan can trade in for up to $200 off. You can also get a BOGO: buy one iPhone 15 series and get the second for $700 when you activate two new qualifying lines.

Walmart’s carrier offers are among the best deals right now. Snag a trade-in discount through Walmart, with as much as $1,100 off the Pro and Pro Max models and up to $900 off the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus. You’ll have to buy on a qualifying installment plan through either AT&T or Verizon and trade in an eligible device to get the savings. Keep in mind that Walmart’s list prices of the iPhone 15 models are $50 higher than Apple’s.

While Mint Mobile is not offering any savings on the cost of the actual device itself, if you purchase an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max, add a new line, and agree to a 12-month contract, you will get six months of that contract free.

iPhone 14 deals

The iPhone 14 series is still a popular line of phones and comprises the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and top-spec iPhone 14 Pro Max. Being some of Apple’s latest models, these phones won’t sport the cheapest price tag, but with the iPhone 15 series readily available, the iPhone 14 is seeing some deals that should reduce the sticker shock.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are available to buy directly from Apple, with delivery and in-store pickup options. You can trade in your old device for up to $620 off your new one and use an Apple Card to get 3% back on your purchase.

T-Mobile has a few different offers on the iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. If you’ve got an old phone to trade in, you can save up to $1,000 if you’re on the Go5G Next plan, $830 if you’re on the Go5G Plus plan or up to $300 with most other service plans. And if you need a new line, you can save up to $730 with an eligible plan and trade-in. Right now you can also buy one iPhone 14 series device and get a second for $700 when you activate two new qualifying lines.

You can get an iPhone 14 for $6 per month on a qualifying unlimited plan, which will get you up to $514 in bill credits. Or you can get the iPhone 14 Pro for $15 per month or the Pro Max for $20 per month with up to $360 back in bill credits for either device (on an eligible unlimited plan). However the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max were currently out of stock.

There is currently no deal for the iPhone 14 Plus however you may qualify for trade-in credit.

Add a new line on a 5G unlimited plan and you’ll get the iPhone 14 for free. The discount comes in bill credits over 36 months and there’s no trade-in required. You can get up to $830 off the iPhone 14 Plus, which nets you the 128GB variant for free. Like the regular 14, you’ll need to add a new line on a qualifying unlimited plant.

New Verizon customers can also score a couple of big bonuses with their purchase. Between now and March 31, if you buy an iPhone 14 or 14 Plus on an Unlimited Ultimate or Unlimited Plus plan you can get a free Amazon Fire TV 65-inch Omni Series 4K. There’s also an offer of up to $460 off the new 9th gen iPad.

Note that Verizon is not carrying the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

iPhone 13 deals

The iPhone 13 may not be Apple’s flagship series anymore, but these are still solid phones worth considering. And with the new iPhone 15 out now, there are some great iPhone 13 deals to be found.

You can trade in your current iPhone and get as much as $620 off the iPhone 13. Though if you’re handing over a base iPhone 12, the value is likely to be closer to $300. You can check what an older model will get you on the site. You can also choose to finance your phone and Apple will apply the value as credit, or you can pay the full amount for the phone and Apple will credit your payment method after receiving the old phone. Also, you’ll get 3% back if you pay with an Apple card.

Though AT&T no longer carries the iPhone 13 Pro, you can get the iPhone 13 for just $1.99 per month on qualifying installment plans without the need to trade in your old phone. AT&T does offer discounts for trade-ins though.

T-Mobile customers adding a new line of service on a qualifying service plan can snag an iPhone 13 for free with either an eligible trade-in or when porting their existing number over from another carrier. Folks only adding a new line can still save 50%, which saves them $315 via bill credits over a 24-month period. If you’re shopping for two lines, you can buy one, get one for up to $700 off.

When you buy the Apple iPhone 13 device and add a new line on the Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plans you will get $630 in promotional credit, which gets you the iPhone 13 128GB for free.

You can also get up to $460 off the iPad 9th Gen with the purchase of the iPhone 13.

iPhone SE (2022) deals

The budget option in Apple’s lineup, the iPhone SE was updated in 2022 but was still targeted squarely at people who wanted a no-frills iPhone experience. From $429, it’s an affordable device for anyone who wants to stick with a familiar experience.

If you want an unlocked model of the 2022 iPhone SE, you can pick it up for as much as $130 off the list price with an eligible trade-in at Best Buy.

If you prefer to buy your iPhone right from the source, you can do that with the iPhone SE. Apple has all the carrier models, along with the unlocked one. And if you’re already an iPhone owner looking to switch to the SE, Apple is offering up to $620 when you trade in an iPhone 7 or newer. With a base price of $429, that means you could theoretically get the SE totally free, though you’re probably going to be trading a phone that gets you $40 to $100 off. If your trade-in doesn’t cover the full cost, you can pay the remaining cost in full, or split it into 24 months of interest-free payments when you use an Apple Card during checkout.

When you buy an iPhone SE on a new line with any 5G unlimited plan, you can save $430, which gets you the 64GB model for free. Just note that the discount will be applied in the form of monthly credits over a 36-month period, even if you buy the phone outright.

Verizon is also up to $460 off the Apple iPad 9th Gen, paid in bill credits, netting you the iPad for free. You will need to add a new line to qualify for this deal, though.

T-Mobile is offering up to $1,000 off for people on the Go5G Next plan and up to $830 for folks on the Go5G Plus plan, which means you could get the SE for free if you have the right phone to exchange. But because you’re likely trading in an older model, you may not net that much. Those on another qualifying plan can save up to $300 with a trade-in. Another option is a 50% discount when you add a new line.

Right now Mint Mobile isn’t offering a straightforward discount on the iPhone SE itself, but you can get six months of free wireless when you purchase the phone and add a 12-month data plan with a new line.

Which iPhone deal is the best?

While it appears a simple question at first, the best iPhone deal for you might be different from the best iPhone deal for someone else. Apple currently sells eight different iPhone models, so choosing the right one for you means assessing your needs and preferences when it comes to things like design, features, cameras and price.

If you want Apple’s latest and greatest, you’ll want to take advantage of the offers available on the new iPhone 15 series. But for the time being, the iPhone 14 is going to be the best previous-gen iPhone for most people as it balances top-tier features with a relatively affordable price (especially with the above deals). It has a bright and clear OLED display, 5G support and cameras that are more than good enough for day-to-day use, and the A15 Bionic chip powering it is a portable powerhouse.

Take the step up to the iPhone 14 Pro line and you’ll get an additional camera lens for macro photography, a more powerful A16 Bionic chip, a brighter display with the new Dynamic Island feature plus a heftier feeling stainless steel construction.

The older iPhone 13 models are still solid phones, though, and you can pick up the iPhone 13 from Apple for a while longer. Just because these are previous-gen devices, that doesn’t mean they might not be the best iPhone for you with their great displays, cameras and speedy performance making them great value for money. Plus, Apple is great at supporting its older devices with software updates for many years after they are released.

If you want the most affordable iPhone, you’re going to be looking at the iPhone SE (at least when it comes to brand-new phones, that is). Updated in 2022, the third-generation iPhone SE maintains the overall design of the iPhone 8 which will be familiar to a lot of iPhone buyers. Don’t be fooled by its classic appearance, though, as inside it is powered by the beefy A15 Bionic chip found in the current flagship iPhone models. It also offers 5G connectivity and a 12-megapixel camera. For $429, it’s a lot of iPhone for not a lot of money.

What is the cheapest iPhone deal?

To buy outright in new condition, the iPhone SE is going to offer the cheapest iPhone deal. It starts at $429 contract-free and you can find carriers offering iPhone SE deals from as little as $0 per month making it a free or super affordable choice.

When is the best time to snag an iPhone deal?

There are a few points in the year that make the most sense to buy an iPhone. The first is when a new model launches, usually in September each year. If you’re an early adopter and want the best device as soon as possible, that’s when you’ll get it. It’s also a great time of year to buy if you’re looking for an iPhone deal as prices on older models drop to make room for the new devices.

Other times of year that make the most sense are during major sale seasons, including annual events like Labor Day sales, Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day. Apple tends not to participate in these events, at least not directly, but you can bet third-party retailers and carriers will be offering some of their best iPhone deals of the year at these times.