3D Printed Homes Could Be Cheaper and Easier With This Starter Kit

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  • Roadblocks stand between startups and their promise of cheaper and quickly built 3D printed homes.
  • Construction-tech startup Icon’s new collection of products could alleviate some of these issues.
  • Icon unveiled a multi-story printer, a “low-carbon” printing mix, a catalog of designs, and an AI designer.

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Over the last few years, several new startups have promised to build better homes using less labor, time, money, and materials — all with the help of a piece of technology: a 3D printer.

But amid this quest to alleviate the US housing crisis, the nascent 3D printing construction industry has continued to face major roadblocks.

A construction-tech startup in Austin now says it has the solutions.

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On Tuesday, Icon announced four products that could help solve for 3D printing construction companies’ biggest pain points: a multi-story printer, a “low-carbon” concrete mix, a digital catalog of designs, and an AI printed-home designer.