TikTok bans and Airbnb cams

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The biggest story this week was TikTok and the US government going at it again, with the house voting in favor of a bill that could force TikTok’s parent company to sell to a US owner or face getting banned outright. Don’t worry, though; your elected officials didn’t waste the chance to embarrass themselves, as usual. Meanwhile, Mike Tyson comes out of retirement to box for Netflix. He’ll face-off against Jake Paul, which I feel is best represented by this Punch-Out! tweet.

This week’s stories:

✅🕣⛔️ House passes bill that could ban TikTok

🥊🥊😵 The real fight isn’t Tyson vs. Paul — it’s Netflix vs. its livestreaming infrastructure

📹🏨 Airbnb to hosts: please stop filming the guests

And read this:

To celebrate this website’s 20th anniversary, we’re looking back at the products and services that have changed the industry since Engadget’s inception on March 2, 2004. I’ve also been here for over half of its existence. Horrifying. I’d share my not-great first hands-on video for the site, but the footage only lives on through Russian content scrapers. What a shame.

All of the stories live here, but I suggest starting with our stories on how streaming video changed the internet and the game-changer that was (and is) Bluetooth audio.