Proton’s Windows and macOS mail app is out of beta and available now

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Proton, the privacy-focused company that offers a variety of internet tools like mail, calendars, online storage and a password manager, continues to built out its portfolio. As of today, Proton’s desktop mail app for Windows and macOS is out of beta and now available to all its paid users. At the same time, Proton is also releasing its app for Linux users in beta.

If you’ve used Proton Mail before (or any recent / modern mail client), the app won’t be a surprise —it’s the standard three-pane view, with different folders on the left, a list of message in the middle and a preview of the message contents on the right. Like in Gmail, there’s a right-hand rail that has icons for your contacts and calendar that’ll expand to show the selected item if you click them. But for more calendar details, there’s a button to switch the whole window view from mail to calendar and back. Proton Drive and Proton Pass already have a desktop app, but for now Proton is keeping it separate from mail and calendar, which makes sense. Those two tools go hand-in-hand, but storage is kind of its own thing.

Proton Calendar desktop app


While the new mail app doesn’t improve on or change the design of Proton’s web tools in any major way, I can say that the beta app felt quite responsive in a little testing I did. And while I wouldn’t mind more than a slightly tweaked web wrapper (being able to draft an email in its own window would be nice), I do prefer keeping my email out of my browser window. I’m sure there are other Proton users who feel the same way and will find this app pretty handy for that.

If you’re not currently paying for Proton Mail, you can give the new app a try for two weeks, but after that you’ll need to upgrade your account to keep using it. The Mail Plus plan costs $4/month if you sign up for a year, or you can get Proton Unlimited for $10 per month with a year plan that includes 500GB of storage (instead of 15GB for Mail Plus) and Proton Drive, Pass and VPN.