‘Chicago Fire’ Season 12 Replaces Sylvie Brett’s Spot on Ambulance 61

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The Big Picture

  • Sylvie Brett’s replacement Lennox (Wesam Keesh) joins
    Chicago Fire
    in Season 12 Episode 8.
  • Violet (Hanako Greensmith) becomes the paramedic in charge on Ambulance 61 and will have to train the new medic.
  • Chicago Fire
    returns on March 27.

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) is off to start a new life in Portland, but Firehouse 51 now lacks a paramedic to fill in the two-person job in Ambulance 61. Chicago Fire is ready to replace Sylvie and photos for Season 12, Episode 8, “All the Dark”, via TV Insider, tease a new partner for Sylvie. Wesam Keesh plays Lennox who can be seen with the crew responding to an emergency in a dialysis center. Chicago Fire showrunner Andrea Newman teased this development, saying:

“When Brett leaves, we have a position open on ambo, and there’s going to be some turnover there. So yeah, there’s somebody coming in as a new medic. What I can say is that Violet (
Hanako Greensmith
) becomes the PIC (Paramedic in Charge), so she gets to be the boss, and she’ll have to form the next person who comes in. It’ll be a journey finding that person. It’s not easy to replace Sylvie Brett.”

Chief Robinson (Laura Allen) promised Violet a new partner as she did not waste time. This replacement is bound to shake things up since Chief Robinson and Violet had a rough start, and while Violet is the natural replacement for Sylvie as Paramedic in Chief, Chief Robinson is not above bringing someone new. She made it clear that she did not need Violet’s input on who she planned to bring on board. It might present a real problem in the ambulance if Lennox and Violet don’t work well together as she did with Sylvie.

Who Is Wesam Keesh?

Wesam Keesh and Hanako Greensmith responding to an emergency on Chicago Fire Image via NBC

Keesh is not a stranger to the Dick Wolf world, having played hacker Malachi in Season 2 of Law and Order: Organized Crime. He starred in the ABC legal drama For the People as Jason Simmons alongside Hope Davis (Your Honor, Perry Mason), Rege Jean-Page (Bridgerton, Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), Jasmin Savoy-Brown (Scream, Yellowjackets), and Britt Robertson (The Rookie: Feds), among others. He has previously appeared in Awkward, Good Girls, NCIS: Los Angeles and Zoobiquity.

In “All the Dark,” a hazmat call at a dialysis center leads to a shocking discovery. Boden (Eamonn Walker) clashes with Paramedic Chief Robinson. Plus, Carver (Jake Lockett) notices a concerning change in Gibson’s (Rome Flynn) behavior. Chicago Fire stars Walker, Flynn, Lockett, Greensmith, Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide, Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd, Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz, Christian Stolte as Randy “Mouch” McHolland, Daniel Kyri as Darren Ritter and David Eigenberg as Christopher Herrmann.

The show resumes on March 27 at 9 PM ET on NBC. Stream past seasons on Peacock.

Chicago Fire

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