20 Big Companies With the Best Outlook According to a Comparably Ranking

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  • Comparably published a list of top companies where employees feel there’s a good outlook.
  • Based on anonymous responses, Topgolf ranked at the top of the large company list.
  • AT&T, Uber, Experian, and Adobe were all part of the top 20.

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Amid the Big Stay in the workforce as the number of quits have dropped and a recent rise in the unemployment rate to a two-year high, a recent ranking suggests the top companies with the best outlook.

Workplace-review site Comparably published this week which companies have the best outlook based on responses from workers who answered questions anonymously, such as about their confidence in the company’s future success and their excitement about going to work.

“Given the most recent February US jobs report citing 275,000 additional jobs and 3.9% unemployment rate, Comparably’s most business-leaning and future-focused list is timely for readers who want to work for a stable and growing company with a positive outlook,” a press release shared with Business Insider said.

The responses used to create the ranking were collected from February 2023 to mid-February 2024. Companies in the large ranking have over 500 employees.

“Comparably’s annual Best Outlook list recognizes companies that have the most optimistic business prospects for the year ahead,” Chad Herring, chief human resources officer of Comparably’s parent company ZoomInfo, said in a statement. “As evidenced by the employee ratings, it’s clear that they are most proud to work for organizations that are industry-leading and innovative with a long-term strategy for success.”

Topgolf ranked at the top of this year’s list about big companies, moving up from No. 5 in the 2023 ranking. Below are the top 20.